By Laws of Pensacola Costumers Guild


Article I – Name

The name of this organization shall be Pensacola Costumers Guild, hereinafter referred to as PCG.


Article II – Mission

The mission of the Pensacola Costumers Guild shall be to encourage and facilitate the study,

appreciation, and creation of costuming as an art form. Along with connecting costumers in different

types of genres that would not normal mix.


Article III – Objectives

The objectives of this organization shall be to facilitate:


  1. To encourage and facilitate the study, appreciation, and creation of costuming as an art form.
  2. Education and diversification within the costuming community by sponsoring workshops, seminars, costume clinics and sewing circles throughout Pensacola and the surrounding area.
  3. Community goodwill by providing a resource for costuming displays, lectures, seminars and research to schools, museums, historical societies, preservation associations and other public and private organizations.
  4. A public forum for the discussion of costume, clothing and related subjects through publications, the Internet, and activities in the community.
  5. The visual representation of costume art in the community through the sponsoring of costumed events.
  6.  Creating networking situation so that guild members can attend local and non-local costuming events.
  7.  To have fun and enjoy costuming as an art form.

Article IV – Policies

Section 1. This organization shall be nonsectarian, nonprofit, nonpolitical and nondiscriminatory on the basis of sex, age, race, creed, color, politics, national origin or sexual preference ace, gender, sexual orientation and/or religious belief.

 Section 2 Voting

a.)    General Members Voting membership in the organization shall be open to all persons 18 years of age. Votes will be on:

  1. Any poll placed on the facebook page
  2. Any decision to be involved in an event that requires full guild consent.

b.)    Guild Elders Be the only ones to vote on:

  1. Approving probationary members to Full Guild Member status
  2. Excommunicating existing guild members
  3. Any serious vote required for major guild considerations

c.)    Junior Guild Members:

  1. Any poll placed on the facebook page
  2. Any decision to be involved in an event that requires full guild consent.

Section 3. The PCG reserves the right to deny membership and/or excommunicate any person; however, a reason will be given to individuals that are denied membership.

Section 4. All members shall have the right to bring up any issues or conflicts that they are having whether these are with another guild member, several fellow guild members, and/or outside persons that may or not be involved with any event that we go to with the Guild Mistress and/or Guild Vicereine.

Section 5. It is the responsibility of each member to keep the Guild Mistress and/or Guild Vicereine supplied with current contact information to which correspondence and PCG publications shall be directed.

Section 6 Bullying

  1. We have a zero tolerance for bullying. If you are found to be bullying another guild member or non-guild member you will be asked to leave the group.
  2. Exemption: Unless it’s trolling Probie (John Wilson) that is allowed; because, that is all in good fun.

Section 7 Underage drinking.

  1. Underage Guild Member: We do not condone or encourage underage drinking. If you are underage and caught drinking you will be asked to leave the group and in some cases depending on age your parent will be contacted.
  2. Adult Guild Member: If you are caught giving an underage guild member adult beverages at a guild event you will be asked to leave also.

Section 8 Sexual misconduct with a minor

The guild will not tolerate or condone any sexual and/or inappropriate behavior with any minor either in the guild or outside the guild. If any guild member is found to be acting inappropriate and/or sexually with any one under the age of 17* they will be kicked out of the guild and the police will be called. The guild as a whole will not be responsible for what happens to the person in question while we wait for the police to show up.

*If the guild member in question is also underage or still in high school but 18 and is dating a person that is a year or 2 younger than this rule will not apply.

Section 9 Excommunication and/or expulsion from the Guild

Membership in the PCG may be revoked and/or denied for the following reasons

  1. Actions that endanger public health and safety, or disturb the peace of a PCG activity in a manner which would make it reasonable for the modern authorities to be called in for assistance.
  2. Actions in the course of performing official duties on behalf of the PCG which would make it reasonable for the modern authorities to be called in for assistance.
  3. Actions that endanger the PCG.
  4. Violation of the Governing Documents or other rules of the PCG.
  5. Conviction of violation of civil or criminal law.

Article V – Meetings

Section 1. Monthly Meeting

  1. A monthly meeting shall be held on the second Friday of every at The Game Space.
  2. This meeting will be posted at least 2 weeks in advance on the public and private facebook pages.
  3. If the time and/or place shall ever change due to unforeseen situations a post will be made on all forms of guild communication not limited to: Public facebook page, Private facebook, the PCG website, and the old Yahoo server.

Section 2. Special Meetings

  1. Special meetings for the purpose of transacting such PCG business as cannot wait for the Monthly Meeting. (These are very rare)

 Section 3. Guild Elder Meeting

  1. These will be held if an unforeseen situation occurs that requires a vote by all the guild elders.
  2. These will also be held when decided if probationary members shall be granted full-member status.
  3. These may not be always in the form of a formal in person meeting but may occur on-line.
  4. All votes taken with in the guild elders are confidential and no one outside the guild elders, Guild Vicereine, and Guild Mistress will know who voted for what. If anyone is found to be leaking information to the general guild members or public they will face disciplinary actions.

Article VI- Different types of Guild Members

Section 1: Probationary Guild Members (aka Guild Kittens)

To join the guild:

You must show up to at least 1 guild meeting before being added to the private server and to the official guild list.  Or you can be sponsored by a Guild Member or Guild Elder in good standing

  1. Also you must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You are not required to have any finished costumes but you are expected to participate in the making of costumes and/or props, since this is a costuming guild.
  3. To move from this status to a full Guild Member (Aka Guild Cat) you must belong to the guild at least 6 months and attend multiple guild events. Then you will need to be approved by at least 75% of the guild elders and either Guild Mistress or Guild Vicereine.
  4. If you are not approved then you maybe given the chance to have another 6 month extension on to your probationary status or in some cases you will be asked to leave the guild. 

Section 2. Guild Members (Aka Guild Cats)

  1. Are at least 18yrs of age
  2. Have at least 1 or more costumes and/or props
  3. Regularly participate in guild events whether this is meetings, social gatherings, craft days, swap meets, photo shoots, guild outings, and/or conventions
  4. They have been approved by the guild elders or joined before the new rules came into place.
  5. Members that have been grandfathered in from the old Klingons Costuming group know as: Krewe of Klingon and at one point KAG from 1990s-2000. These members shall keep their status whether they have costumes still or not, as long as they make at least 1 event a year or keep in contact online.
  6. In approved situations we will have online only guild members; however, these are usually only going to be people that have been in the guild for a while and have moved away from town but wish to still stay in contact. 

Section 3 Guild Elders

  1. Must first satisfy the requirements of a Guild Members
  2. Guild elders must have been active in the group coming to most events and been with the group for at least a year.
  3. Guild elders will be appointed by the Guild Mistress and Guild Vicereine
  4. Guild elders must be at least 21 yrs of age.
  5. The current cap on # of guild elders is 20. (This may be changed at a later date)

Section 4 Junior Guild Members

  1. Ages are range is 6-17.
  2. To be a junior guild member your parent(s) or guardian(s) must be an active guild member in good standings. If your parent is not then you will not be accepted.
  3. We will not be held responsible for any actions that the junior guild members make when not being held accountable by their own parent(s) or guardian(s).
  4. All Junior Guild members will report to the Guild Mom if any issue occurs and she will report to the Guild Mistress and Guild Vicereine.
  5. Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) will be required to sign a waive absolving the guild of any legal responsibility.  This waiver will be for the entire time they are in the guild and will need to be notarized. (Guild ElderShanna is a notary if you need to find a notary.) <Copies of the waiver are available for download from the private facebook page when they are finished begin created>
  6. The Guild is not a babysitting service. So don’t leave your kids with us thinking we will baby-sit them. If individual guild member wish to take responsibility for individual children then they do that on their own recourse

Article VII – Officers and Board of Directors Responsibilities.

Section 1. Guild Mistress 

a.)    Is the Head of the Guild and there for in charge and the last say on all guild related subjects.

b.)    Decisions can only be over ruled by the Guild Vicereine and a 75% vote of the Guild Elders

c.)    Will participate in guild elder voting and appointment of guild elders

d.)    Will add events to the guild pages

e.)    Must sign off on any guild vote to change the bylaws or rules.

Section 2. Guild Vicereine

a.)    Second in command of the Guild

b.)    Will participate in guild elder voting and appointment of guild elders

c.)    Will add events to the guild pages

d.)    Will be in charge if the Guild Mistress for unforeseen reasons falls ill or is unavailable for events.

Section 3 Guild Elders

a.)    Will participate in voting

b.)    Will assist the Guild Mistress and Guild Vicereine

c.)    Will be go to people for specific subjects and/or knowledge

Section 4 Guild Mom

  1. Is responsible managing junior guild members when at events
  2. Will be the mediator for issues with in the junior guild members.
  3. Will be in charge of bringing any issues the junior guild members have to the Guild Mistress and Guild Vicereine.

Section 5. Vacancies

  1. In the event of death, resignation or incapacity of any officer, Guild Elders shall appoint a guild elder, or other member in good standing, to fill the spot either temporarily or permanently.

Article VIII – Irrevocable Dedication of Assets

PCG’s assets are irrevocably dedicated to charitable and educational purposes. No part of the net earnings, properties, or assets of PCG, on dissolution or otherwise, shall inure to the benefit of any private person or individual, or to any member of PCG. On liquidation or dissolution, all properties and assets remaining after payment, or provision for payment, of all debts and liabilities of PCG shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, foundation, or corporation that is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and that has established its exempt status under Internal Revenue Code §501(c)(3).

Article IX – Amendments

Section 1. Amendments to these by laws may be proposed by any member in good standing.

Section 2. All proposed amendments shall be sent in writing to the Guild Mistress or Guild Vicereine.

Section 3. The proposer of the amendment shall bring copies of all proposed amendments to the scheduled Guild Elder meeting or monthly meeting in writing.

Section 4. These By Laws may be amended by a majority vote of those members attending at the monthly meeting, votes listed on line, or at a special election as provided for in the standing rules.


Costume Guideline

1) Certain PCG events are governed by a dress code and are stated as such in any advertising. That dress code applies to members, non-members, and guests of all ages. That dress code is as follows:

  1.  PCG welcomes costumers of all abilities and budgets to our events. While many of our attendees sew for themselves or have costumes custom made, others rent or pull together thrift store finds. Our goal is to have fun with costumes, and no one will be considered unwelcome who has made an attempt to dress in the period or spirit of the event. Because our events are the vision of the individual organizers, some events may have more specific costume guidelines. If so, we will be sure to indicate those in the event details. If you ever have questions about whether a particular costume is appropriate, we would be happy to answer them — just e-mail the Guild Mistress and/Guuild Vicereine.

2) Other events are open to all with no costume requirements and are stated as such. These are: Costume Salons, Sewing Circles, Workshops, Craft days, Guild meetings and other events where it is stated that “costumes are not required,” or “costumes are not required but appreciated.”


Age Appropriate Definition:

  1. All events are open to all members in Good Standing. Event venues may impose further restrictions (like no one under 21). This will be specified in the event details.
  2. Ages 12 & under are welcome to many of our other events. Most picnics & outdoors events can be family-friendly and parents can bring appropriate games to help entertain their young ones, if the venue allows such. Every attempt will be made to inform members when events are child friendly.
  3. Any event held at a house is subject to the wills and wants of the owner. The owner of the house can dictate who is allowed into their house and what the age range is.
  4. All “Black Syndicate” and “8 Bit-Wub Dub” events are 18 and up since they are held at a bar by a supportive costuming and event organization.



1) Workshops are open to all members. Workshops are also open to non-members as long as the guild member inviting them contacts the Guild Mistress and/or Guild Vicereine plus the owner of the house where the even is being held..

2) Anyone, member or non-member, may submit a workshop idea to the Guild Mistress and/or Guild Vicereine
Please see the main page for a list of events and meetings.