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Neck Seals

These Mandalorian neck seals are made-to-order and can be customized to fit your specifications while meeting Mandalorian Mercs’ standards. Each neck seal is custom-made. If you need additional options not listed below don’t hesitate to ask. We have even put tiny finished slots on a neck seal so a customer could pull her voice modification’s cord through the skirt

There are two styles that we currently offer:

  • 1.0 which is a flat neck seal, like pictured below.
  • 2.0 is much more comfortable and form fitting. The dip in the front allow for the wearer to have more range of motion. It only goes down 1/2 an inch. To use the this version you must wear a backlava under it to met standards.
1.0 Attached Neck Seal
2.0 Unattached Neck Seal

We also now offer the skirt in 2 different styles

  • Ruffled: it has pleats
  • Flat: it does not have pleats

Because Mandos come in a variety of colors, the color of the neck seal is your choice. Please see the color palette in the images to make your choice.

Neck seals are made from a heavy duck cloth unless other materials are requested, so if you want something like leather or imitation leather please message me on here so I can set up a custom order.

I will need three measurements from you to get started. I will need to know your neck circumference and the height from your collar bone to the bottom of your chin.

You don’t have to fill it out on the paper you can just e-mail it or send it in with your etsy order to us listed like this:

  1. 17 inch
  2. 18 inch
  3. 6.5 inch And So on

Need more than just 1 or 2? We do do bulk orders on neck seals. The largest amount we made was 60 at one go and they went off to a particular well known mouse. Still don’t know what they did with them but we are always looking for them.

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