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Mandalorian Flak Vest

Flak Vest

Our women’s and men’s Mandalorian flak vests are made-to-order and can be customized to fit your specifications while meeting Mandalorian Mercs’ standards. All our flak vest are sergered on all seems giving them a finished look. All flak vest are also ironed and pressed through out the making process and at the end so that the seams lie were they should.

Since each vest is custom-made we offer a large variety of options for our flak vest many at no extra charge. ($120 plus shipping)

Options that are included in the base price:

  • Various side styles
    • Elastic sides (Overlapping or not)
    • Lace up side
    • plain sides
Normal sides
Overlapping Elastic sides
Non-Overlapping Elastic sides
Lace up sides
  • Finished slots
    • Jet pack slots
    • Customized slots for mics and led wires
Jet Pack Slots
Mic Slots
  • Various Zipper locations
    • Back zippers
    • Side Zippers
Back Zipper
Side Zipper
  • 2 different shoulder styles
    • Boba Fett styled
    • Standard styled
Boba Fett styled
Standard styled
  • Attached or unattached neck seals
  • 2 different styles of neck seals
    • 1.0 is a straight neck seal
    • 2.0 is much more comfortable and form fitting. The dip in the front allow for the wearer to have more range of motion. You will need to wear a balaclava though to meet Mando standards with this option
1.0 Attached Neck Seal
2.0 Unattached Neck Seal

When choosing an unattached neck seal or no neck seal you will have the option of choosing how you want the neck hole closure to work. We have 2 styles.

  • Short zipper on the back coming from the neck line
  • velcro flap on the side of the neck line
Short zipper in back
Closed velcro side flap
Open Velcro side flap

Don’t need some of those options, well we also offer flak vest without specific parts. Removing these certain options will affect the price.

  • No shoulder Flaps and No Neck seal $70 (plus shipping)
  • No neck seal $90 (plus shipping)
  • No shoulder Flaps but with neck seal $100 (plus shipping)

We also offer one upgrade to our flak vest currently. Reinforcement of the front of the flak vest. This is so it can handle heavy armor plates. The reinforcement makes the flak vest stiff enough to stand on their own. This upgrade cost $25 due to additional materials required. No additional time is added on to making the flak vest. There is also no additional cost to shipping.

Because Mandos come in a variety of colors, the color of the vest is your choice.

Vests are made from a heavy duck cloth unless other materials are requested, so if you want something like leather or imitation leather please message me on here so I can set up a custom order.

You want to get one of our flak vest well we are going to need some measurements. Below is our current measurement sheet with all our options on it.

Need help measuring for our Mandalorian flak vest? We have you covered.

You don’t have to fill it out on the paper you can just e-mail it or send it in with your etsy order to us listed like this:

  1. 17 inch
  2. 18 inch
  3. 6.5 inch And So on

Additional photos of previously made Mando vest can be found here:

Men’s Flak vest Women’s Flak Vest Reinforced Flak Vest

Want to order one of our Flak vest then just head on over to our Etsy page by clicking on the image below:

Mandalorian Mercs Standards

All flak vests are made to Mandalorian Mercs’ specification, referenced bellow from their site: :

-Ensure vest is properly fitted/tailored for you. Baggy and over-sized vests are not acceptable. Zippers must be completely hidden from sight.
-The vest must be comprised of solid color block(s). No patterned material may be used as part of a vest.
-The vest must not be longer than the chosen waist items.
-Vest fabric must be thick enough to support armor plates without sagging, creasing, or wrinkling. Suggested materials include duck cloth, leather/imitation leather, or quilted fabric.

Rebel Legion Standards

Also they will meet all rebel Legion standards:
-Black leather heavy cloth-like like vest. (ie duckcloth)
-Shoulders should flare outward like wings.
-“Jango Style” vest is preferred.
-Bottom of vest should end just after the bottom of the chest / back armor, and not be tucked into the girth belt, to allow for some flightsuit to show.
-Black Neck seal may or may not be attached to the vest.

501st Standards

All flak vest can be made to meet the specific 501st standards for named characters:
-Black leather or leather like vest or Must have appearance of ‘tackle twill’ fabric and be light gray in color, weathered and quilted. (depends on character chosen)
-Shoulders flare outward like wings.
-Must close down the back.
-Jango Fett style vest is recommended.
-Bottom of vest ends just after the bottom of the chest / back armor.
-Vest is not tucked into the girth belt and allows some flight suit to show.
-Black Neck seal may or may not be attached to the vest. (in their standard there are some specific styles of neck seals for named characters. These can be made per standards at an additional cost.

Although we do make our flak vest to meet Mandalorian Merc, 501st, and Rebel legion standards we cannot guarantee approval since there are more variables to that then just our flak vest.

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