Pensacola, Fl

Endelose Cosplay

The cosplay duo of Luella and Brian Hansen. 

Our Cosplay

We started cosplaying together in 2015. 

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Commsion Work

Luella has been sewing for 20+ years. 

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Mandalorian parts

Luella has been making flak vest for 3 years now. (Over 250 vest) And we are slowly expanding into more other Mandolarian components.
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Our speciality is…

Mandalorian Flak Vest

We make our flak vest to fit each client’s exact measurements. We have a 90 day warrenty on all of our work if you have any problems due to our workmanship we will take care of them for free. 

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Who is Endelose Cosplay?

A little about both of us

Brian Hansen

Grammer Paliaden

Wonderful supportive other half of Endelose Cosplay who tries to keep my grammar in line.

Luella Hansen


I have been sewing for over 20 years. I love costumes. I run the local costumers guild. I am happy to say this is now my full time job.


Contact us

You can reach us a on any of our Social media platforms


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